Electrical steam generator boiler

Electrical steam generator boiler

1. Small water capacity, fast water vapor speed, sufficient steam production and high efficiency;

2. The one-button operation of microcomputer can install water and electricity in place and press the button to open the generator. The generator will enter the automatic operation state, which is safe and simple.

3. The single power can be adjusted, and the operating load of the equipment can be adjusted according to the steam consumption, which is more energy-saving.

4. the product is equipped with high-quality pressure controller, safety valve, with overpressure, low water level, overheating protection and leakage protection multiple protection, to ensure product quality and use safety;

5. the whole machine factory, has been equipped with water pump, solenoid valve and one-way valve, only need to connect the power supply, steam pipe, water inlet and sewage pipe, save the installation cost and a lot of installation materials;

6. Reasonable and scientific product structure design, small size, convenient installation and flexible movement.