Electrical Steam Boiler

Mainly introduction:

This model boiler is powerful horizontal steam boiler. The boiler furnace is separated from electrical control cabinet to avoid the aging of electrical heating element. Electrical heating tube is high quality with service life around 20,000 hours.Thermal efficiency is nearly 99%, quiet operation, clean, environment friendly, no atmospheric emissions of NOx (nitrogen oxides). Boiler with PLC control system,free button operation,free signal light,touch-screen panel,Chinese& English,the man --machine dialogue, authorized operation, real-time information, automatically turning pages.


1.All electrical components with CE and UL marks---ensure safety and long life service

2.Each heating element use a concentrated beam flange connection ,independently arrangement, simple structure, high mechanical strength, safe,reliable,convenient replacement,long service life.

3.Large steam room, super quality steam.

4.Boiler and control cabinet is separated,so control components could away from heat source. One set or many sets could together for multi-usage.

5.PLC microcomputer programmable control and display screen. Automatic water outlet temperature control settings.Screen displays equipment operating parameters and fault alarm. 

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