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Principle and solution of boiler descaling


After the boiler runs for a long time, scale and corrosion problems inevitably appear. These problems, due to the generation of scale, make the heat transfer property worse, so that the effectiveness of the boiler is reduced.Therefore, it is difficult to reach the rated evaporating capacity, and due to the poor heat transfer performance, the metal overheating, under the pressure of the boiler, the boiler tube bulge, or even explosion heat transfer performance is poor, so that fuel consumption increases, operating costs rise, shortened boiler life.Therefore, necessary measures should be taken to remove the scale after boiler scaling.

Principle of boiler water treatment cleaning and descaling

Boiler descaling agent is composed of solid acid as main agent.Its aqueous solution reacts strongly with carbonate scale to form soluble and dehydrated salts and carbon dioxide.A large number of bubbles are formed when the scale is put into the descaler solution, and the scale is gradually dissolved.Scale remover is mainly used to remove carbonate scale and mixed scale.The effect of salt scale and silicate scale is not good.So the user should try it out.

The method is as follows: take half a cup of hot water about 80℃, put two small handfuls of safety descaler to stir to dissolve it.Drop a small piece of scale into the cup.If there are a lot of bubbles, the reaction is strong, the scale is gradually dissolved, which indicates that the scale is carbonate scale, which can be used as a safe scale remover.If the reaction of the scale is not strong, there are not many bubbles, and the scale does not become smaller after a period of time.It is not easy to use safe scale remover.We can use alkaline scale remover produced by our factory.

Boiler water treatment solution

In order to make the boiler system in the optimal state of operation, it is necessary to boiler system water system special chemical treatment: remove scale, corrosion and corrosion prevention treatment:

1. Chemical cleaning: add chemical cleaning agent to disperse and discharge the floating rust, scale and grease in the system, and restore the clean metal surface

2, daily maintenance: add boiler scale inhibitor, avoid metal rust, prevent calcium and magnesium ion crystallization precipitation.

Boiler cleaning is divided into two parts, one is the boiler convection tube, superheater tube, air heater, water wall tube scale, rust cleaning, namely the boiler water quality treatment.

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