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Analysis of the future development trend of coal-fired boilers


At present, there are still some shortcomings in the transformation of biomass energy for coal-fired boilers in China. The most prominent one is to directly burn biomass instead of coal fired boilers. However, the fuel characteristics of huoxx and biomass are different.Finally, the effect of emission reduction is not ideal.Biomass boiler must be specially designed for biomass fuel, rather than coal boiler directly over for use.Emissions from coal-fired boilers are still one of the main sources of air pollution in China.Industrial coal boiler air pollution control facilities is not widely used, especially by the end of 2015, nearly 500000 coal-fired boiler in our country, the epa officials around the common said regulation of coal-fired boiler, this is mainly embodied in: various types of enterprises, the industry boiler, terminal management technology is unclear, policy hard to fall to the ground, and so on.

Future development trend of coal-fired boilers:

First of all, relevant experts said, "new energy transformation, energy conservation and emission reduction will be upgraded at the same time."

The relationship between energy conservation and environmental protection can be understood as follows: energy conservation is definitely emission reduction, but emission reduction is not necessarily energy saving.Therefore, in the transformation of coal-fired boilers, a thorny problem is the rise of enterprise costs.Therefore, to promote the transformation of coal-fired boilers in enterprises, it is very important to reduce the cost as much as possible.

Most enterprises have limited ability to master technology, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.Therefore, when designing technical solutions, we should consider the situation of the enterprise and help the enterprise to build a technical platform to solve the problem.It's not a simple substitution.In addition, to meet the needs of enterprise safety production.

Secondly, the relevant experts said that "quasi-fuel characteristics of biomass transformation"

For small coal-fired boilers clean transformation, of course, the choice of natural gas is more convenient.However, considering the cost, only big cities like China can afford it, while other small and medium-sized cities have difficulties.Biomass energy could fill those gaps.

China is a large agricultural country, a large number of straw every harvest season is burned, which itself has caused pollution.If the straw is concentrated and processed into biomass fuel, not only energy efficiency is greatly improved, but also biomass energy is renewable, low sulfur content, and does not increase greenhouse gas emissions, which is a new energy raw material.