Reciprocating Grate Hot Water Boiler

Reciprocating Grate Hot Water Boiler

The combustion of the reciprocating grate furnace row is used in segments. The combustion process is also segmented. The biomass pellets are transmitted from the feed rod to the first - stage rod and then to the second stage,  which can avoid back fire problem. After that fuel transmitted into the reciprocating furnace. The reciprocating grate moving slowly at the back, and the air is supplied from bottom to top. Due to the relative movement of the reciprocating grate and fuel, when the grate is pushed below, some new fuel is pushed to the upper part of the fuel that has been burned. The fuel returned to the bottom of the unburned fuel and heated the new fuel. The fuel is constantly squeezed in the process of being pushed, which destroys the scorch blocks and ash shells. At the same time, the fuel can roll slowly, so that the fuel layer is loose and flattened. The fuel layer is loosened by rake, which enhances the breathability and greatly improves the efficiency of combustion. The fuel can be fully burnt and avoid any coke problems.

Due to the continuous reciprocity movement of the reciprocating grate, the fuel was slowly pushed into the furnace from the back to the furnace. It was gradually preheated to heat up with thermal radiation of the front arch and high -temperature flue gas, and the volatilization was burning. The oxygen required for fuel in the three combustion sections is provided by the secondary and side of the reciprocating grate . The arisingal area generated by the combustion fully ignited it before leaving the furnace,then fell into the ash slag room at the tail, and finally discharged through the automatic ash collecting system. The combustible gas, black smoke, and scorched carbon were built through the high temperature combustion area in the middle area. Falling into the ash slag room at the tail, and finally discharged through the automatic ash collecting system.


Product Advantages

  1. This type reciprocating grate can work with different type of fuels, such as higher water content, high ash content fuel and also the easier coking fuel.

  2. When the amount of air supplied is reasonable, the carbon content in the ash residue is generally 5% to 10% lower than other grate furnace, which can save fuel.

  3. Fully fuel burnt without any black smoke.

  4. Easy maintenance,  less power consumption.

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