Fix Grate Hot Water Boiler

Fix Grate Hot Water Boiler

Product introduction:

   The full-automatic fixed grate biomass atmospheric hot water boiler heats the water through the burners to realize heating and provide water for living and bathing. The boiler has a high degree of intelligence, fast heating, low noise and no dust. It is an economic hot sale boiler that conforms to the global environmental protection and energy conservation.


Product advantage:

 The fully automatic fixed grate biomass hot water boiler combustion system adopts Danish advanced technology. According to the characteristics of local biomass in China, it subverts the traditional mode of feeding fuel from the top into the fire and blowing air from the grate upward. It adopts trapezoid fixed grate, water layer air duct and blowing air from both sides to the middle stack to realize semi carbonized combustion and solve the traditional feeding mode of biology There are many problems such as vitrification, insufficient combustion area and insufficient fuel combustion. The two wings of the stack are provided with vertical blow pipes, which are mixed with the combustible gas diffused in the furnace to realize gasification and combustion.


Product Introduction:

1. Feed anti-tempering device

The primary feeding is mainly used to control the fuel feeding amount, ensure the reasonable fuel supply, and ensure that there is no excess fuel in the feeding rod under the operating conditions. When the furnace is stopped, the anti-tempering sprinkler device can automatically spray water to prevent the feeders from tempering, thus saving energy and ensuring safety.

2. Reasonable structure

European vertical fire tube design structure, different from Chinese traditional boiler design concept, thermal efficiency up to 93%.After the normal starting of combustion for five minutes, the water temperature into the boiler instantly rises from 10 to 60;At the same time, the water output increased by 18% compared with the same type of products in the industry.

3. Intelligent control

The feeding system is reasonably equipped with intelligent oxygen sensing device. When the oxygen content is lower than the set standard, the feeding system will automatically control the feeding amount to ensure the best energy-saving and environmental protection effect of the boiler.

4. Scientific maintenance

Scientific and reasonable furnace design structure, convenient maintenance and cleaning, reduce the failure rate of products, extend the service life of the boiler.


Application Scope:

Heating and hot water supply for hotels, bathing pools, shopping malls, schools, building communities, breeding and other industries.

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