Fix Grate Steam Generator

Fix Grate Steam Generator

Product Introduction

  The biomass small steam generator shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the boiler safety technical supervision regulations. The system volume is less than the specified volume of the boiler, so there is no need to apply for approval and annual inspection of the boiler, which is efficient and energy-saving.

  A. the use of biomass wood pellet fuel can save 20-30% energy than natural gas, 50-60% energy than oil and 60-70% energy than electric power

  B. with water fire tube heat exchanger, the heat exchange efficiency is up to 93%

  C. flexible assembly, nearby installation and small heat loss of pipeline

  D. small floor area, no boiler room, no boiler workers, no annual inspection. Convenient and quick, automatic design, one button switch, intelligent control, automatic ignition, automatic operation


Product Feature

  1. Energy Saving:

  (1) Fast start and temperature rise: continuous air can be discharged within 10 seconds after restart, and about 20 minutes from ignition to normal air supply.

  (2) Can be used to produce different pressure of high temperature steam, to meet the ironing, cleaning equipment and other purposes. The gas production can be flexibly adjusted with the field gas production, so as to ensure the maximum effective utilization of gas production and save resources.

  2. Smart

  (1) High degree of automation, fast start, with the use of the open, not immediately stop.

  (2) Automatic control of pressure, water level, feed and combustion, etc.

  3. Convenient

  (1) Compact structure, clean appearance, light weight, modular integration design, easy to move installation, easy to use and maintenance.

  (2) Multiple sets can be used in parallel, to meet a large number of gas.

  (3) The storage bin has large capacity and can run continuously for 5-8 hours at a time.

  4. Environmental protection

  Dust removal and waste heat integrated design, smokeless and dust-free.


Biomass Steam Generator Advantages:

  1. Feeding system: there are double stage feeding system,
 The first stage is keep the feeding quantity, which will guarantee the reasonable fuel feeding.
 The second stage is to keep that there is no extra fuel inside the feeding rod, which will make the boiler work in safety condition. Meanwhile, it will lower down the load of the feeding systems and avoid any problems.
  2. Safety of the boiler
  On the second feeding stage, there is spray device which will avoid any back fire problems. During combustion of the boiler, once there is some reason cause the back fire problem, when the temperature of second feeding stage have exceed 95 degree C, the boiler water will be spray to extinguish the fire automatically. Once the temperature lower than 90 degree C, the spray will closed automatically.
  3. Control system
  We take use of the digital control system which has changed the formal feeding mode( based on motor speed and the time control). We used the air sensor system to control the feeding systems. Based on the concentration of the environment air to control the feeding speed and quantity, which will make the boiler work always in stable condition.
  4. Ignition and keep fire.
  The ignition system make the boiler start at any time. For some big boilers, there is also keep firing system, which will keep the boiler firing all the time.
  5. Maintenance jobs
  You just open the boiler door to clean the dust once per week, that all. Because of the fully combustion, there will be very little dust left inside the furnace.
  6. Duct of the boiler
 Humanized design of the duct, you can connect very easily in different direction. which has reduce the elbow of the duct, and increase the flow rate of the air. Through this way the boiler will work stably.
  7. Exhaust temperature
  There is temperature sensor in the chimney to test the temperature. On that basis, the temperature will be displayed and you will check the exhaust heat temperature will be lower than 120dgree C.
  8. Combustion of the boiler
 Take use of the higher temperature ceramics combined material burner and different air feeding system, which will the fuel fully burnt. The highest temperature can achieve 1300 degree C, which will make the dust and gas become gasifying in short time.
  9. Dust collecting system
  There equip with the wet scrubber dust collector for the boiler. The dust collecting efficiency can be more than 99%.

  Almost all dust will be collected by the scrubber.


Application Scope: 

  Biomass steam generator is used in industries below to support steam and hot water:
  Washing ironing industry: dry washer, dryer and washing machine, dryer, ironing machine, electric iron, and other ancillary equipment.
  Packaging machinery industry: labeling machine, marking machine.
  Bio-chemical industry: fermentation tank, reactor, sandwich pot, blender, emulsifier and other supporting equipment
  Food machinery industry: Tofu machine, steam box, sterilization tank, packaging machines, coating equipment, sub-mouth machines etc.
  Other industries: (oil, automobile) steam cleaning industry (hotels, dormitories, schools, mixing station) hot water supply, (bridges, railways) concrete curing, (casual beauty club) sauna, the heat exchange equipment, etc.

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