YLL Vertical Coal Fired Chain Thermal Oil Boiler

YLL Vertical Coal Fired Chain Thermal Oil Boiler

Main Feature

1. The design, manufacture and inspection of the product are strictly carried out in accordance with the "Organic Heat Transfer Carrier Furnace Safety Technology Supervision Regulations", "Hot Water Boiler Safety Technology Supervision Regulations", GB/T17410-1998 "Organic Heat Transfer Carrier Furnace" standards and regulations, and have been approved The national special equipment safety supervision agency inspects the product, which is safe and reliable.

2. The heating surface of the boiler adopts argon shielded welding full penetration welding, and has passed the X-ray flaw detection and hydraulic pressure test to ensure that the welding quality is higher than the national standard.

3. Adopting the unique patented technology of Yi Neng, the top coil is added to further absorb the waste heat of the flue gas and protect the top of the boiler, which improves the service life of the boiler.

4. Realize fully automatic coal loading and slag removal, and the furnace operator can be reduced to one person after the frequency conversion control technology is selected.

5. Mechanical forced combustion, special furnace arch design, full combustion, smoke and dust removal, good environmental protection effect.

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