YDW Series Electric Heating Thermail Oil Boiler

YDW Series Electric Heating Thermail Oil Boiler

Product Introduction

1. Electric heating heat conduction oil furnace is a new type, safe, high efficiency, energy saving, low pressure (atmospheric pressure or lower pressure) high temperature heat energy supply special industrial furnace, with heat conduction oil as the heat carrier, the heat carrier is circulated through the heat oil pump , transferring heat to heat-using equipment.

2. The electric heating and heat transfer oil system is composed of an explosion-proof electric heater, an organic heat carrier furnace, a heat exchanger (if any), an on-site explosion-proof operation box, a thermal oil pump, an expansion tank, etc. into a skid, and the user only needs to connect The import and export pipelines of power supply, medium and some electrical interfaces can be used.

3. The following figure is the process flow chart of the electric heating heat transfer oil boiler. The heat is generated by the electric heating element immersed in the heat transfer oil. Using the heat transfer oil as the medium, the circulation pump is used to force the heat transfer oil to circulate in the liquid phase and transfer the heat to Use one or more heat-using equipment, after unloading the heat-using equipment, go through the circulation pump again, return to the heater, then absorb heat, and transfer it to the heat-consuming equipment, so that the continuous transfer of heat is completed, and the temperature of the heated object is increased. Elevated to meet the technical requirements of heating.

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