Product Features:

  1. The biomass boiler can rapidly form high temperature zone which can steadily maintain the biomass in gasifying and suspension combustion state. Flue gas stays for a long time in the high temperature furnace, and burns sufficiently with multi air distribution. The efficiency is much higher and no black flue gas at all.

 2. Dust, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and other environmental index is superior to the national emission standard, can totally meet the current international emission requirement.

 3. Fuel burning continuously in stable condition, is not affected by adding fuel or fire adjustment, can guarantee the boiler capacity.  4. Mechanical grate design can guarantee average air system which will guarantee the stable combustion of the boiler and make the dust collecting jobs easier.  5. The operation is easier and no complex operating procedure. Within the characteristic of fast start, sufficient combustion. There’s no visible smoke after start the boiler.  6. Using new energy is beneficial to solve energy problem. The fuel is widely adaptable.

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