Biomass boiler is designed based on the original mature layer combustion furnace technology and overcomes the organization of high temperature cyclone dynamic field in the furnace, meanwhile it has solved the problem of coking, partial combustion and black smoke producing during burning of the biomass materials. Burning rate can be 99%. Thermal efficiency raised to from 78% to 85%-90% compared with coal fired boiler.

 Biomass fuels, are more extensive and renewable, mainly include crop stalks, wood shavings, sawdust, peanut shell, corn cob, rice husk, tree branches, leaves and hay, which can be directly crushed, pressure molded. Calorific value is between 3600 to 5100kcal/kg which can completely replace coal and other fuels. Most important the price is much lower which can save the operation cost of the boiler.  


 Biomass fuels, as the fourth largest energy after coal, oil and natural gas, have been vigorously advocated and promoted by our government due to itsrenewable, clean,  environmental protection.

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