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Qingdao environmental protection bureau south branch to carry out area fuel oil, gas boiler inspection, treatment


In order to further improve atmospheric environment quality, improve residents' air quality satisfaction, promote clean energy replacement work.Recently, the municipal south branch of Qingdao environmental protection bureau has further carried out the investigation and treatment of oil-fired and gas-fired boilers on the basis of the comprehensive and stable standard of pollutant discharge of coal-fired boilers.

This investigation focused on hotels, restaurants, institutions, hospitals, schools and other comprehensive investigation.The main inspection contents are: fuel oil and gas boiler model, tonnage, boiler operating load, operation of pollution prevention facilities and annual gas consumption.The investigation adhered to the working mode of "inspection and regulation at the same time", and registered the usage of all coal-fired boilers in the jurisdiction one by one, and established a ledger record.

After the inspection, the operation of fuel oil and gas boilers has been basically mastered. In the next step, Qingdao environmental protection bureau south branch will continue to strengthen law enforcement and inspection, carry out the monitoring of emission pollutants and the verification and collection of sewage fee, to ensure the effective improvement of air environment quality.

Source: shandong provincial department of environmental protection