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The process of checking safety valve of steam boiler is analyzed


The following is a brief introduction of the steam boiler safety valve calibration process:

1. According to the regulations of steam boiler safety technology supervision issued by the state, the safety valve after maintenance should be checked in thermal state, and the back-seat pressure difference should be 4%-7% of the starting pressure, with the maximum not exceeding 10%.

The order of safety valve check must be from high pressure to low pressure. First, check the drum safety valve, and then check the superheater safety valve.

Conditions for thermal check of safety valve

3.1 the inspection, overhaul and metal supervision of the safety valve has been completed. All the locking clips of the safety valve have been prepared, and the clips have been removed from the safety valve. The tools and tools for adjusting the safety valve have been prepared and available.

3.2 the inspection and overhaul of the exhaust steam pipe has been completed. The boiler hydraulic test has been qualified, and the ignition conditions have been met.

3.3 the local pressure gauge of drum drum and superheater has been replaced with the standard pressure gauge of 0.5 class, the boiler DCS system has been put into operation, and various operating parameters can be displayed normally.

3.4 the site passageway is smooth, the lighting is perfect, and the protective articles, special tools, record forms and communication facilities used in the test are ready for use. The temporary facilities for maintenance have been removed.

3.5 the technical measures for thermal check of safety valve have been approved and issued to be learned and mastered.

3.6 the air exhaust valve of the boiler superheater shall be changed to local operation, and its working performance shall be safe, reliable and flexible.

3.7 close all drain valves and drum emergency drain valves that are in continuous rows, and close various steam traps, drain valves and drain valves belonging to the boiler.

3.8 close other boiler related low and medium pressure valves that require isolation.

3.9 open the boiler drum local water level gauge, balance vessel water level gauge, electric contact water level gauge.

3.10 preparation and organization of boiler safety valve thermal state check have been completed.

3.11 the boiler has been conducted interlocking test before starting, and the test is qualified.

3.12 all work tickets for boiler maintenance have been completed, maintenance personnel have withdrawn from the boiler equipment, and temporary facilities have been removed.

3.13 the abnormal operation report in boiler overhaul has been issued after approval and has been mastered by the operation personnel.

4.4 working procedure for thermal check of safety valve

4.4.1 boiler ignition, slow booster, when drum pressure in the furnace reaches 6 mpa voltage regulator, to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the boiler, review the rigor of soda system, and then adjust the superheater outlet exhaust steam into the air valves, at the same time adjust the boiler combustion, make boiler slow booster, when tripping values of the relief valve, steam pressure, the relief from high to low in turn of boiler hot check. Such as boiler. Major defects in the process of hot check and leak, should report the value of long, handled in time, prevent accident expanding.

4.4.2 safety valve hot check and adjustment.

4.5 precautions for thermal check of safety valve

4.5.1 the operator shall be responsible for the boiler ignition, temperature rise and pressure rise operation. In the process of verifying the safety valve, the drum water level and steam pressure shall be strictly monitored, and the personnel on duty shall not leave their posts without authorization.

4.5.2 the organization and leadership of thermal check safety valve and the participants shall be led by the boiler maintenance director, who is responsible for technical personnel, thermal engineering personnel, boiler maintenance personnel, boiler operation and safety supervision department personnel.

4.5.3 the boiler operation and safety valve calibration personnel shall be operated by the furnace and relevant personnel, and the thermal engineering and boiler maintenance personnel shall be responsible for the safety valve calibration and debugging.

4.5.4 safety valve calibration operator shall prepare walkie talkie, earplug and special tools and equipment for adjustment.

4.5.5 in the process of adjusting the safety valve, try to reduce the number of safety valve action, with each safety valve action number 1 (twice) as the best.

4.5.6 if the action of the relief valve is not correct, the parts of the relief valve should be adjusted again, the pressure of the boiler should be reduced to about 70% of the set value of the relief valve, and the valve can be adjusted after the lock clip is dead. After the adjustment, take out the clip, and the boiler can increase the pressure slowly, and continue the check of the relief valve.

4.5.7 when the safety valve is stuck and locked, special locking clips can only be used, and the purpose is to prevent excessive locking and damage to safety valve parts.

4.5.8 in the process of safety valve calibration, the local pressure and the reading value of the pressure gauge in the central control room should be checked frequently, but the local pressure gauge reading should prevail.

4.5.9 make field test records.

4.5.10 when the operation value of the relief valve exceeds the set action value and does not take off, the operator should open the exhaust steam valve and reduce the combustion in the furnace in time, so as to prevent the accident caused by the continuous pressure increase of the boiler. If necessary, the boiler fuel supply can be completely stopped.

4.5.11 the safety valve test personnel shall abide by the electrical safety regulations and the provisions and requirements in this maintenance regulation. In case of any danger to the safety of maintenance personnel and equipment, the thermal check work of the safety valve shall be immediately stopped.

4.5.12 the operation and accident treatment of the safety valve during the adjustment process shall be carried out in accordance with the rules. The person in charge of boiler start-up and operation shall be the shift leader, and the maintenance personnel shall not operate the equipment.